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Hello everyone! This wiki is to help me keep track of my characters for my story, my story might also interest you to read it if you love Naruto, and if you don't you should read it anyway because it is different and unique than most other Konoha High School Naruto fan fictions you see out there. This will hold the characters from my story: Konoha High School: Free Fallout. So please check it out.

You can find my story here:

Konoha High School: Free Fallout

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After Amaterasu Michiko enters Konoha High she finds this school to be the absolute strangest, but she can't help but like it for that very reason. She meets all kinds of strange kids who act like rebels and meets some crazed girls who don't realize how blind they are. She is one for finding a boyfriend, but she doesn't want it to be Sasuke Uchiha. When he notices her will he win her heart or will she find someone else?

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